DT Blog: New book by Dreamtech Press “MAYA 2014 IN SIMPLE STEPS”

Maya 2014

MAYA 2014 IN SIMPLE STEPS provides a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to learn and master the skills required to create 3D content using Maya 2014. This book is an ideal introduction to the world of 3D computer graphics, and meant to enhance the skills required for modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, and rendering. The book begins with an introduction to the new and improved features of Maya 2014, such as the Modeling Toolkit, Crease Set Editor, Edge Flow Tools, Grease Pencil Tool, additions to Paint Effects, retiming and non-linear animation improvements, updated nCloth, and DirectX integration for viewport display and shading.

Book Covers:

  • An introduction to the various stages of 3D workflow: preproduction, production, and post-production
  • The new and improved features that are included in Maya 2014
  • A comprehensive explanation about the various Maya 2014 User Interface (UI) elements and navigation techniques
  • The two foremost modeling techniques used in Maya, polygonal and NURBS.
  • The procedure to apply materials and maps on an object’s surface to create a realistic rendering.
  • A brief introduction to various animation techniques and the methods used to animate objects using the keyframe animation technique.
  • The procedures to create various effects, such as glow, fog, and lens flare using a combination of lights and renderer.
  • The creation techniques of caustics, Global Illumination (GI), and final gather that allows you to illuminate a scene
  • The previewing techniques, such as motion trailing, ghosting, and playblasting, to preview and modify an animation in Maya
  • Rendering scenes in Maya for final output


  • An all-inclusive book to teach you everything about MAYA 2014
  • Easy, Effective, and Reliable
  • Quick and Easy learning in Simple Steps
  • Most preferred choice worldwide for learning MAYA 2014

Author Profile:

 The proficient team at Kogent Learning Solutions Inc. and Dreamtech Press has seized the market of computer books bringing excellent content in software development to the fore. The team is committed to excellence—excellence in quality of content; excellence in the dedication of its authors and editors; excellence in the attention to detail; and excellence in understanding the needs of their readers.

Book Detail:

Authored by:Kogent Learning Solution Inc., ISBN: 9789351192640, Pages: 292, Price: Rs. 299/-, User Level: Beginner to Intermediate

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DT Blog: New book by Dreamtech Press “Comdex Hardware and Networking Course Kit (Revised & Upgraded)”

Comdex hardware and networking course kit_2657









Comdex Hardware and Networking Course Kit is designed for those aspiring students who want to build their future in computer hardware. The book covers each and every detail of computer hardware starting from a simple looking mouse to highly complicated motherboard. step-by-step description of concepts, supported by illustrations for easy understanding and simple language make this book unique in itself. The software section given in the book would be an added advantage for the readers since we strongly believe that hardware personnel must be aware with software. The unique tutor CD provided with this book is a true add-on. While other books rely only on theory and long explanations, the tutor CD accompanying this book helps you build skills on different software.

This Book Includes:

  • Fundamental of Computer, Windows 7, and MS Office 2010
  • Latest and ready-to-use practical Knowledge on hardware and networking
  • Solution to common hardware and software problems
  • Networking basics, Configuring Windows Server 2008 R2, User Groups and Accounts, AD DS, DNS, DHCP, and RRAS
  • Fundamentals of Windows Server 2012

Author Biography:

Vikas Gupta is a publisher, an internationally acclaimed author, a prolific speaker on computer learning and epublishing and cofounder of a software company offering ITenabled services. He has coauthored several books for American giants like Wiley, McGraw Hill and IDG. His earlier books in the same series have broken all records of popularity selling more than a quarter million copies in India alone.

Book Detail:

Authored by: Vikas Gupta |  ISBN: 9789351192657 | Pages: 664 |  Price: Rs. 399/-w/CD, | User Level: Beginner to intermediate

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DT Blog- Dreamtech press announce release of “SAP Audit Black Book”

SAP Audit Black Book








This book, SAP Audit Black book , brings you a simple, to the point non-technical jargon free discussion on auditing of SAP Systems along with comprehensive real life examples based on author’s real life audits. It is one of the first SAP Audit books that cover real life internal controls and business cycles rather than plain technical discussion. Targeting intermediate and advanced-level readers, this book discusses ERP Risks from an Auditor’s Perspective; SAP Skills required for Auditors; Enterprise Structure Elements; End-to-End Business Cycles for Auditors – O2C & P2P; Audit of Integration of SAP Modules; SAP Implementation Process; Business Blueprint from an Auditor’s Perspective; Data Gathering for SAP Audits; Automatic Configuration Controls; SUIM for Auditors; AIS – Audit Information System; LSMW – Legacy System Migration Workbench for Auditors; SAP Reports for Auditors; GRC – Global Risk Compliance; Extracting Data and Dealing with Tables in SAP; and Important SAP TCodes for Auditors. The author has spent the last 14 years of his career acquiring this knowledge through the trial and error method. It covers both auditing concepts and its implementation in the SAP environment. It can serve as a starting point for the people who want to comprehend how to audit an ERP system. Most of the SAP Audit material currently available deals with technical details and throws little light on its functional audit execution. This book is author’s humble attempt to bridge the gap by providing real life scenarios along with technical details.

This Book Will Help You To:

  • Understand SAP Audits in the new ECC 6.0 era demystified end to end.
  • Understand audit of the latest version of SAP ECC 6.0 and NetWeaver
  • Technology with the help of real life examples derived from author’s real life audits.
  • Explore the Enterprise structure with the help of Master Enterprise Structure Chart.
  • Crack the most complex recent advancements like GRC – Governance, Risk, and Compliance.
  • Understand Real life SAP Audit – Internal Controls based on author’s real life implementation.
  • Grasp the LSMW – Legacy System Migration Workbench for Auditors.
  • Understand not only auditing concepts but also its execution in the SAP
  • Demonstrate detailed screen shots that provide step-by-step
  • Explore the unique image at every step concept that provides a virtual
  • walk through of configuration from an auditor’s perspective.

What is in This Book for You:

  • Complete one-stop solution for all your SAP Audit related queries.
  • Comprehensive ready-to-use over hundred automated internal controls along with standard audit observations as per the best practices to be included in audit reports.
  • Basic and advanced SAP navigation skills required for auditors.
  • AIS – Audit Information System.
  • SUIM for Auditors.
  • LSMW – Legacy System Migration Workbench for Auditors.
  • Important SAP TCodes for Auditors.
  • Readymade SAP Audit reports.
  • Extracting data and dealing with tables in SAP.
  • Ample screenshots to demonstrate the step-by-step SAP Audit, which will help to develop auditing skills and knowledge needed to compete in the current professional environment.
  • Steps to upgrade your knowledge of SAP to version ECC 6.0. Most of the companies have migrated to ECC 6.0. Here is your chance to upgrade your skills and improve your professional visibility.
  • Key FI-MM, FI-SD, and FI-PP integration concepts.
  • Audit of P2P and O2C business cycles in jargon free language.

Authors Biography:

Bhushan J Mamtani is a Qualified Chartered Accountant (i.e. member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) and SAP consultant with over 14 years of techno functional experience in the areas of Financial Accounting, Auditing, IFRS, Cost Analysis, and System Design, having exposure to Multiple ERP systems like SAP, MS Dynamics Navision and FACT. He is also the author of the bestseller SAP FICO BLACKBOOK. He has independently developed Digital Accountant, a general purpose Financial Accounting cum Inventory Package, which can be accessed at http://www.digitalaccountant.110mb.com. He has worked as a consultant with Big Four Consulting Firm Deloitte and as a module lead with Reliance – ADAG. He has been instrumental in designing the costing system of Pyro-Processing cement plant at MIL.

The proficient team at Kogent Learning Solutions Inc. and Dreamtech Press has seized the market of computer books bringing excellent content in software development to the fore. The team is committed to excellence—excellence in quality of content, excellence in the dedication of its authors and editors, excellence in the attention to detail, and excellence in understanding the needs of its readers.

Book Detail:

Authored by: Bhushan Jairamdas Mamtani, KLSI | ISBN: 9789351194088 | Pages: 452 | Price: Rs. 699/- | User Level: Intermediate to Advanced

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New book by Dreamtech Press: C# 2012 Programming Black Book Covers .NET 4.5

November 13, 2013 Leave a comment


C# 2012 Programming Black Book is the most comprehensive book one will find on C#. It contains useful and in-depth information on all the conceptual foundations of C# 2012 and at the same time, explains how to implement each language concept programmatically, by providing most appropriate examples with full explanations. This edition of the book particularly deals with some new and advanced topics including WPF, WCF, WF, ASP.NET AJAX, Silverlight, and LINQ.
About the Author:
The proficient team at Kogent Learning Solutions Inc. and Dreamtech Press has seized the market of computer books bringing excellent content in software development to the fore. The team is committed to excellence in the quality of content, excellence in the dedication of its authors and editors, excellence in the attention to detail, and excellence in understanding the needs of the readers.
Book Detail:
ISBN: 9789351192107 | Author: Kogent Learning Solutions Inc. | Pages: 1476 | Price: 599
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New book by Dreamtech Press: Windows Phone 8 Development Internals

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Windows Phone 8 Development Internals copy




Drill into Windows Phone 8 design and architecture, and learn best practices for building phone apps for consumers and the enterprise. Written by two senior members of the core Windows Phone Developer Platform team, this hands-on book gets you up to speed on the Windows 8 core features and application model, and shows you how to build apps with managed code in C# and native code in C++. You’ll also learn how to incorporate Windows Phone 8 features such as speech, the Wallet, and in-app purchase.

Discover how to:

  • Create UIs with unique layouts, controls, and gesture support
  • Manage databinding with the Model View ViewModel pattern
  • Build apps that target Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7
  • Use built-in sensors, including the accelerometer and camera
  • Consume web services and connect to social media apps
  • Share code across Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 apps
  • Build and deploy company hub apps for the enterprise
  • Start developing games using Direct3D
  • Test your app and submit it to the Windows Phone Store

About The Authors:

Andrew Whitechapel is a senior program manager for the Windows Phone Application Platform team, performing scoping and design for the application platform (both native and managed). He has written several books, including Windows Phone 7 Development Internals.

Sean McKenna is a Senior Program Manager on the Windows Phone Developer Platform team. He has been responsible for a number of key features, including local database support and app-to-app communication.

Book Detail:
ISBN: 9789351192251 | Authors:
Andrew Whitechapel, Sean McKenna | Pages: 1044 | Price: 899

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Dreamtech Press Blog: CMIS and Apache Chemistry In Action

November 8, 2013 Leave a comment

CMIS Apache




CMIS and Apache Chemistry in Action is a comprehensive guide to the CMIS standard and related ECM concepts. In it, you’ll find clear teaching and instantly useful examples for building content-centric client and server-side applications that run against any CMIS-compliant repository. In fact, using the CMIS Workbench and the InMemory Repository from Apache Chemistry, you’ll have running code talking to a real CMIS server by the end of chapter 1. This book requires some familiarity with content management systems and a standard programming language like Java or C#. No exposure to CMIS or Apache Chemistry is assumed.

What’s inside?

  • The only CMIS book endorsed by OASIS
  • Complete coverage of the CMIS 1.0 and 1.1 specifications
  • Cookbook-style tutorials and real-world examples

About the Authors:
Florian Müller, Jay Brown, and Jeff Potts are among the original authors, contributors, and leaders of Apache Chemistry and the OASIS CMIS specification. They continue to shape CMIS implementations at Alfresco, IBM, and SAP.

Book Detail:
ISBN : 9789351192053 | Authors: Muller, Brown, Potts | Pages: 480 | Price: 699

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DT Blog: Object Oriented Programming Methodology (CS and IT)



The Object Oriented Programming Methodology (OOPM) book provides an easy-to-follow set of code and design standards to address the basic needs of Java programmers. The book is unique, as its content touches almost every important aspect of OOP methodology and Java language, such as what is OOP, how it is different from procedural programming, fundamental concepts of OOP (including class, object, abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism), features of Java language, Java installation, and arrays, string, vectors, interfaces, threads, errors, exceptions, and applet programming in Java. The book provides lots of examples in an easy-to-understand language along with exercises at the end of each chapter.

In this book, you learn about:

  • Procedural programming, top-down design and its drawbacks, OOP and its advantages, and Grady Booch methodology
  • Object, class, encapsulation or information hiding, abstraction, inheritance, polymorphism, message communication, reuse of code, coupling, cohesion, sufficiency, completeness, primitiveness, and metaclass
  • Evolution of Java, history of Java, how Java differs from other languages, features of Java language, installing and implementing Java, Java Virtual Machine (JVM), and bytecode
  • Development of a simple Java program, identifiers, keywords, literals, constants, separators, variables, data types, operators, expressions, and branching and looping statements
  • Class, object, method, modifier, constructor, destructor, iterator, method overloading, inheritance, method overriding, final class, and abstract class and abstract method
  • Implementation of association, aggregation, and composition relationships Arrays, strings, and vectors
  • Interfaces, how to declare and implement interfaces in classes, variables in interfaces, how to extend an interface, and how an interface is different from an abstract class
  • Threads, how to instantiate and start a thread, how to start and run multiple threads, different states of a thread, and how to implement the thread synchronization mechanism and thread interaction
  • Grouping of classes for deployment and reuse, built-in packages, the java.lang package, wrapper classes, the java.util package, and creating and using user-defined packages
  • Exception handling, try and catch blocks, finally block, handling multiple exceptions, types of exceptions, built-in exceptions, and user-defined exceptions
  • Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT), AWT frames, applets, their life cycle, how to create applets, and how to use the Graphics and Color classes

About the Authors:

Radha Shankarmani is currently working as Associate Professor at the Department of Information Technology, Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, Mumbai,India. She is also pursuing her Doctorate from JNTU, Hyderabad. Prof. Shankarmani holds a Masters degree in Computer Science and Engineering from NIT, Trichy and a Bachelors degree from PSG College of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Her areas of interest include Software Engineering, Software Testing, Software Architecture, Databases, Data Warehousing and Mining, Computer Simulation and Modeling, Management Information System and SOA.Having more than 16 years of teaching experience and 4 years of industry experience, she has held designations, such as Programmer, Software Engineer and Manager. She did her sabbatical for two months in Infosys, Pune in 2005 and has co-authored two books “Middleware and Enterprise Integration Technologies” and “Game Architecture and Programming” for Wiley India. She has published papers in several national and international conferences and journals.

Swati Ringe is currently working as Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Engineering, Fr.Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering, Mumbai, India. She has done her Masters degree in Computer Engineering from T.S.E.C. Bandra, Mumbai and Bachelors degree from Govt. College of Engineering, Aurangabad. She has also worked in software development as Intranet Head and project leader in software development companies. She has 13 years of teaching experience. Her areas of interest include Web Technologies, Internet and Computer Networks, Service Oriented Architecture, Middleware Technologies and Enterprise Application Integration, Theory of Computer Science, Object Oriented Programming, and Distributed Computing. She has published papers in several national and international conferences and journals.

The proficient teams at Kogent Learning Solutions Inc. and Dreamtech Press have seized the market of engineering textbooks, bringing excellent content in engineering and technical education to the fore. These teams are committed to providing excellence in the quality of content by judiciously analyzing the needs of their readers and ensuring dedication of their authors and editors in catering to these needs.

Book Detail:

ISBN: 9789351191490, Pages: 456, Price: 399, Authors: Radha Shankarmani, Swati Ringe, and KLSI

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